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July 2010

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sparkskey in ackko

Q&A Section

Hello all;
In order to make this community neat, please post all your questions here.


We specialize in importing Korean accessories from various popular Korean websites, liaising directly with them instead of going through an agent. However, we do still charge an overall charge of 15% inclusive of handling fees and packaging.


For the first batch of orders, payment will be split into TWO separate payments. One for the items and one for the delivery charges. The reason why we’re doing this is because we don’t want to overcharge you for delivery fees. Items will be delivered by EMS directly from the websites themselves. We’ll currently start out with 2 websites, asmama and rucycat. More websites will be added later on if this community does well.

Suggestions are also most welcome




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shipment charge

hi, im interested to get a few things from asmama... want to check how much roughly is shipping for each item? i dont want to get a shock when the 2nd payment is up

Re: shipment charge

actually depends on how much i order, but it shouldn't be that much. total shipping cost shouldn't exceed $25 for ALL items :D

Delivery method

Is it possible to do a meet-up or door delivery method...

Re: Delivery method

yeah it is. but according to my schedule. preferbly either in boonlay or the east side :D
what's the exchange rate?
1sgd to 800krw.

Update of status...

Is the update of status through email? Around when do we collect the items and pay the 2nd payment... Can u please update us through email... Thanks...

Re: Update of status...

everything will be via email. :D
will update everyone soon, don't worry

Asmama #2

Will there be an Asmama spree #2?

Re: Asmama #2

yup soon :D :D
next month ^^


would you accept paypal invoice as a form of payment or does it have to be ibank or atm transfer?

Re: Payment?

yes, i do. but with paypal fees of course.
Hi! I am interested in an Asmama spree. Will you be holding another one?
Do you have a mailing list? Do you think you can alert me if you have one? (it's okay if you don't have a mailing list. i'll just have to remember to check here often hehe)
haha. i sorta have an unofficial mailing list.
anyways, just leave your email here and i'll email you when i hold another one.
probably next week

Orders to add in- Sheryl goh

LJ nick/Real name:myprincessgem/sheryl goh

Email: sheryl_ghw@yahoo.com.sg

Item #1
Item name:소연's 웨딩링드롭N
Item URL: http://asmama.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=3926
Quantity: 1
Size: -
Price in KRW: 8000
Alt in case of OOS:DNB

Item #2
Item name:디*st러빙열쇠E
Item URL: http://asmama.com/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=2656
Quantity: 1
Size: -
Price in KRW: 11,000
Alt in case of OOS: DNB

Total number of items: 2

Subtotal in KRW: 19000

Total price for first payment: (19000*1.15 )/800) = $27.31

Payment details:

IBank transfer
Ref no:

Date/time of transfer:

Collection method: Normal postage

Will transfer tml as service is not available now


May I know when u r going to organise another korean accessories spree??


hi... i have waited you reopen for 2nd batch of asmama spree... but haven open yet... may i get back my money as i have transfer you the money...?

Re: hi

i've ordered the items on monday already...
didn't email you because you didn't leave your email :D

for this one, do the lock and key earrings come together or do we have to order separately?
it comes in a pair. ou can either order the lock pair, the key pair or a mixed pair (lock and key)


hey.. i have send my house address to your email... ^^.. sorry i dun want to post here... lol... hope you recieve it... ^^
Hey I think I trnsferred too late to make it into the batch so would my order be moved to the next batch/spree? thanks! (:
hey, you made it to the next batch but because i'm still waiting for confirmation from someone about her orders, i haven't ordered from asmama yet
hello babe!! do you host any sprees for this site? http://richbon.com/



when is your asmama 3rd batch?
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